My introduction session of CBT.

Hello guys!

On Wednesday, I had an introduction session before I start my CBT next week! It was very scary to me, it’s taken me 4 years of horrible, anxiety, panic attacks to actually go to my GP, and I had to wait a few months on the waiting list after my assessment.

I got to my appointment far to early, like honestly, my dad took me and we were there 50 minutes early, I went into the waiting room after 20 minutes of waiting in the car park. There I was, facing my fears. Finally getting help, then a panic attack comes on, but luckily, I got help from my therapist, who managed to calm me down, in what felt like a minute.

Then there’s the actual session. Once I calmed down, I had to fill out the same form as I did in the assessment appointment, where you tick once a week, several days etc. She then told me, I got two more points on depression and one higher on anxiety, which is just one below the maximum you can get on the anxiety. I got exactly the same for the phobia part. She then explained it was usual for me to get higher, because I was waiting a few months on a waiting list to actually receive an appointment, which obviously made me anxious.

Then comes the really personal, deep, questions. Such as “when did you first feel anxious?” “when was your first ever panic attack” I explained all, I explained in so much detail I actually cried a bit, but my therapist explained to me that most people cry when they go into so much detail, as they never really have done before. That made me very calm, after all the questions, and explaining what happens when i’m anxious and such. After that, she asked me questions about my sleep schedule, caffeine intake and alcohol intake (all are really bad, I had no clue this affected anxiety) I found out that caffeine can make panic attacks a lot worse. I also learned that a proper sleep schedule is very important, and she said mine was bad just down to the fact that I’ve not got anything to do, due to my social fears, I never plan nothing so I don’t look forward to anything. When worded like that I just thought “well, that is so true”

After a long talk on how to cut caffeine and alcohol out, and fixing a bad sleep schedule, she then went on to explain what CBT is, she didn’t want to overwhelm me telling me every session as she could easily tell I was petrified with the thought of it. She gave me a few leaflets then off I went, happiest I’ve ever been in a long time. I have finally started to get help

As always. thanks for reading!


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