My eye surgery story.

I’ve hated my eyes for years, I’ve always felt like something was wrong, but I only actually found that out in February. I went for an eye test, it took me ages to make my self one, because I was petrified. After that, they noticed I had a turn in my left eye, and that’s what was making my vision go blurry and double when I look to the right. I got referred to the ophthalmology department in my local hospital, then had to wait until April to hear back.

Then there was the first specialist eye appointment in hospital, scary. I’ve never ever had a specialist eye appointment before, I had no idea what it was and what was happening. Little did I know, I’d be at the hospital for 3 hours!  It was a scary experience, I first went into the room, the specialist was a lovely Irish woman, she was incredibly funny too, but you can have any specialist in this place, it’s just chose randomly.So, I had the most extensive eye test ever, it was about a hour long? Then there was the eye drops… the drops that make your eyes change but they make your vision awfully blurry. Then I had to wait almost a hour for it to work then go back to the specialist. That was basically it for the first appointment, I’ve just had the same appointment like this, 5 times now.

Then, out of the blue in August (i think?), I met my surgeon. I didn’t get told I was meeting him . Very overwhelming, but he was very nice and took things slowly, so I understood more. He basically just went over what he is going to do and how long it’ll take,the size of the waiting list and the risks. After that appointment, I was put on the waiting list.

The surgery I am having is strabismus surgery (sometimes called squint surgery), it’s a type of surgery which is very common in children and adults. What the surgeon does, is basically move the muscle, either top or bottom of my eye, to a new position to stop the double vision and blurry, and occasionally squinting to counteract the double vision. It’s carried out under general anaesthetic, and usually takes under a hour to do.

Now it’s 2017, I’ve found out the date of my surgery, the 23rd of January, I’m awfully nervous, I’ve only ever been put under general anaesthetic once, and that was when I was 10 at hospital having eight teeth took out. I don’t remember much about that.


As always, thanks for reading!




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