Self care & why it’s important.

Before I write this, I have to say. I am bloody awful at self care, well I think I am. I honestly don’t dedicate as much time as I should to self care, but the past week I have been dedicating basically most of my day to self care, as I felt like I was failing on the self care part of things.

Self care is very important for anyone, especially someone with a mental health condition, such as anxiety, depression. Any condition, self care will 100% help with that condition, it’ll make you feel better, and at times relax you. There are hundreds of things you can do for self care, it depends on each individual, basically, choose something you enjoy or that puts you in a relaxed state and do it. It might be, listening to music, having a nice bath with a bath bomb, whatever you enjoy.

Ways I self care:

  • Walks – go for a walk, clear your head, enjoy the fresh air, a fitbit is good for this so you can motivate yourself, count how many steps you’ve done, and aim for more the next time.
  • Mindfulness – personally, one of my favourites to do. Once you master the techniques, you’ll enjoy them, and there is loads of techniques which is good, a wide choice means you wont get bored!
  • Baths – One of the most relaxing places, get a nice lush bath bomb, play some good, relaxing music, and just relax, let all the worries leave you, baths are my favourite!
  • Music – I’m an avid lover of indie music, bands like, the xx, the 1975 and a lot more. I tend to listen to my very own playlist I’ve made on spotify, especially for when i’m anxious, it tends to just calm me down and stop me from worrying and being anxious.
  • Books – Reading is great, probably one of the easiest ways to self care. Along with listening to music, and walking, you can do it anywhere. Audio books are great too.


So there’s 5 ways to self care, but as I said, there’s a lot more, it’s just trial and error really until you find ways you enjoy, because self care wouldn’t be self care if you didn’t enjoy it!

As always, thanks for reading!


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