Missing You

It would have been my Nans birthday today. We were so close. She was the best Nan I could ever ask for, she was supportive of everything I was doing, and I mean everything. She used to call me her “favourite” and she used to bloody spoil me! Giving me £10 to go down the shop to buy a newspaper and some bread for her and telling me to keep the change, good times!

They say time heals, but it really doesn’t. I miss you more each year that goes by, I just wish I could enjoy a holiday with you again, with my parents and enjoy the hot weather like we always used to. They were the good times, hot weather and the beach!

She was always there for me, in the bad times and the good times. She would cheer me up when she saw that I was sad. She used to have a little dog called Lottie, she used to always bark at everyone who would shout at me, and if I was crying she would jump on me and lick my face until I stopped crying. She inspired me to start cooking, she used to teach me so much when I was with her. We used to cook so much! She was a brilliant cook and had so many recipes. She told me to never give up my dream of being a chef.

I remember when she took me to Cornwall with my parents and my two sisters. It was honestly the best holiday I have ever gone on, and I want to go to Cornwall again sometime next year. We had the best time and I still remember it so much.

I am determined to make my Nan proud. She would never want me to give up fighting my Mental Health. I am determined to never give up and always fight. Like she taught me to. I will fight and fight until I am in control of my mental health. I will do her proud.

I will always miss her, but I have great memories to look back on, and I will cherish them all my life.

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2 Responses to Missing You

  1. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    Don’t be sad that she’s gone, be grateful that you had her. 🙂 It sounds like you had a wonderful grandma. Keep on fighting your mental health, you’re an inspiration to a lot of people.

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  2. Your Nan would be so proud of you! Keep up the good fight just like she taught you. You are a beacon of light and hope for others dealing with mental health issues. Hugs.

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