I feel like everybody needs a few goals in their life to look to and strive forward to. I am bad at making goals, so this blog post is going to be a post about my goals, and what I want to do with myself after I am able to be in a good place with my mental health, and being able to manage it.

As you know, I struggle with my mental health, I’ve struggled a lot recently. My therapist was talking to me about goals, but not much because I haven’t really been interested in making them, as I have little to no self-belief and motivation, but I thought about it and managed to list what I want to do before the end of next year.

Motivation is key, and once you have the motivation, it helps so much. I am slowly but surely getting more and more motivation, it’s important if you have good, understanding and kind friends around you, they will help you gain motivation!

1] Go London

I have wanted to go London for years, but I always stop myself as I always overthink about going, how busy it would be, how I wouldn’t know where I was going, that I would have a panic attack and probably get lost somewhere and then social anxiety creeps in. I am determined to get over social anxiety and go London for a day or two. I really think I could enjoy it once I’m ready.

2] Start working again

Last year I got my first ever job, I was a chef. I had a passion for food that I thought nobody could stop, but sadly, my mental health did. I was so high functioning but it got too much for me, and I had to quit. My parents and sisters are bugging me to get a job, however, my therapist thinks it’s too early. It’s a big dilemma. I want to start working as soon as I can, It’ll give me something to do as well!

3] Go to a meetup

I am so grateful for all the friends I’ve made from the mental health blogger community on twitter. I’ve found so many supportive people. I wanted to go to the #TalkMH meetup in London sometime in April, but I think that’s a bit too soon for me, and it makes me so sad as I really want to go. I am determined to meet people from twitter, though. They are all supportive and great people.

4] Socialise more

I want to be your typical, 18-year-old lad who goes out with his friends on weekends and has a great night. My mental health stops me, I always panic when I go out and overthink about everything. I want to be able to manage it so I can actually go out, go for meals, go for drinks and just enjoy going out instead of staying in and only going out for therapy.

5] Volunteer for Samaritans

Samaritans have helped me so much, time after time whenever I text or ring up, they are so understanding and helpful. I appreciate how much the charity does for so many people in this country. I would love to volunteer for them one day, in a few years hopefully. It’ll be a great thing to do.

I know it’s hard to be motivated and make goals when you’re in a bad place, but just try to do it, it gives you something to look forward in doing, don’t make them too overly ambitious but don’t make them too easy! Challenge yourself!

Those five goals are the ones that will be pretty hard to do, but not impossible and I will do them. Slowly but surely, I’ll cross one off at a time, and one day they will be all done!

As always, thanks for reading!


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5 Responses to Goals

  1. PurpleOwl says:

    I think these are fantastic goals. Try breaking them into smaller goals. Like the London one – how far from London are you? Is there a slightly smaller, closer city you can try going to first?

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  2. TheOriginalPhoenix says:

    I wish you the best of luck in accomplishing all of those goals 🙂 I believe in you.

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  3. These are great goals! Try working through them slowly, one at a time! Don’t try and do them all at once because that will be overwhelming. Also try and keep a track of your progress in some way! You’re doing great! X

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  4. I’m so sorry to hear how hard things have been for you. You come across as a lovely person and I wish you all the best for the future. You should definitely come to London one day! I moved here from the rural North when I was 19 and love it! It is vast and can be intimidating but there can also be something comforting in the scale of the place. It’s nice to feel anonymous and lost in a crowd sometimes. I also find it a surprisingly friendly place, it’s a tough place to live with the cost and the crowding but this often leads to a sense of comradeship with strangers which is nice.
    Good luck.


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