March Moods

This month has been actually pretty alright, a few really bad days but really good things have happened so it’s been a good month!

The song that sums up my month is: HOLYCHILD – Happy With Me

I may as well start with my therapy this month. I’m finally feeling like it’s going to work. My new therapist is absolutely amazing and so kind and understanding, I know I was worried that she wouldn’t be, but I always worry! I haven’t had CBT for two weeks, but I’m actually really excited for the next session! I’ve never been excited for therapy before… things are actually going well for me and I am so happy, it’s great how things going well can make you feel so much more positive.

This month has been full of good news. The first thing was that I found out I’m officially a time to change media volunteer! This is something I have wanted to do since starting blogging, raising awareness for mental health and beating the stigma around it! I’m so excited to start and can’t wait to do media! I’m also a contributing editor for mental movement magazine too! You can find my posts for them, here.

I’ve had bad days this month, like usual. I’ve been struggling a lot lately, but you know what? Recovery isn’t linear. Bad days will always hit us, but it makes us stronger as a person. We’ve survived 100% of our bad days. I’m feeling confident as I am writing this post, that I will get better and manage my mental health soon!

This month has been one of the best months this year. It’s mad how good news can make a month really good! April shall be good! More CBT, my birthday and the weather should be improving slowly! As I’m writing this, it’s 18 degrees! That’s hot for us!

As always, thanks for reading!


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